Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Writing Group Warm Up

I went to the Chester Writers' Group last Thursday. It was a first, one of two this week - the other being zumba, and I have to admit I was shaking as I read out my piece. I think it went down OK. I'm afraid I'm not going to publish that one here as I think it might be the start of a book one day. The warm up for the group was to look at a newspaper article and summarise the plot. My plot plus the previous person's plot came to:

The proposed new student village, to be built on the outskirts of Chester, would accommodate the visiting Italian summer students who have, in previous years, conducted rather unusual practices in the old halls. It is believed that by providing them with discrete accommodation, it may be possible to prevent damage to university property through their satanic rituals. The presence of such worshippers of the dark one has caused much consternation, particularly to the chancellor of the college but poor management of funds has led to continued need for income from this source. Any experimentation in the dark arts will be severely discouraged, but the governing body understands that its hand are tied.

I know it's a bit random but it did tickle me. Although it was scary, I have to admit I got a real buzz out of reading my stuff out loud. I've never done it before and had to really control my nerves in order to read it out at a pace which could be followed by human ears. The adrenaline rush was amazing and I can't wait to go again. The only thing that concerns me is that my next piece will be rubbish (it was a piece that had been through several layers of editorial control - my mum and other half). What if I can't do it again? But then again, I want to write a book so I guess I'll have to just work at it.

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  1. Hah! I love the official take on satanic practice. It's always quite fun to have a completely dead pan reaction to something that should probably be quite alarming.

    Congratulations on reading stuff out. I did it for the first time recently and, although it was a small piece that may never be used, it was great to get it out of my system (the reading aloud thing).